Wow, really? Four months?

lazy saturday mornings, watching birds and dogs and people in the park, is where it's at.

You guys, I am a slacker. I’ll admit it. But, here’s my list of excuses why I couldn’t possibly have even typed one sentence or finished my tales of Parisian vacations or anything at all.

1. I trained for and ran the hardest, hilliest, most awful half marathon of my life. But I did it. Slowly, but still. My goal this year is to do a Calico Slam–four of this running group’s races this year at the 1/2 marathon or greater distance. You know what I’ll get?

::wait for it::

A PLAQUE IN THE SHAPE OF THE STATE OF NEVADA WITH MY RACES AND DATES LISTED! Can you even think of a more awesome, completely random thing to hang in your office? (In case you didn’t know, I’m sort of obsessed with oddball bric-a-brac in my office. The most recent addition being a white elephant present of a stuffed monkey in a pilot’s hat and cape that one can launch by the arms, and he’ll make scream-y, monkey noises. Super kitschy, and I love it.) Anyway, this is me, grinning like a buffoon because the finish line was **right there.**

lovell canyon? meh, done and done.

2. Bones Jones took me to San Diego for my birthday. If I ever have unlimited resources, I am moving there. It is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been. But it’s more than a little expensive and hella crowded. As I say though, with unlimited resources, surely those things would bother me less? The biscuit got his first taste of sand, and Bones and I got to spend uninterrupted time together as a family. ::skwee::

la jolla shores!

3. My biscuit turned one! I’m not sure where the last year went. This topic deserves a post unto itself, and I promise to do one, if for no other reason than to brag about my awesome pinterest copying inspiration skills. For now, humongous hat tip (like, you know with a ten gallon hat or something) to Bones Jones, the Hermanita, the Bursar, Jeffraaaay, Senor Mikey Cupcake, Miss Jennifer of the Millerseseses, and Auntie Rancho. I could not have done it without you guys, and I know you know I’m not just saying that–cause, yeah, I really couldn’t have. LOL.*

birthday biscuit, looking dapper in seersucker and tuxedo bib (hat tip miss mama nell for the cute bib idea!)

4. I went to California to visit the Hermanita and the Bursar, and an amazing time was had. Again, a post-worthy trip to be detailed (hopefully) later. For now, I’ll say it was a wonderful weekend of delicious (yet healthy!) meals, beach time in Monterey, crawling whilst giggling maniacally from a Bonbon, and general merriment with a Wagger.

diapered rumpus.

5. We celebrated C’s second Easter with some worship, delicious food, and fellowship with great friends. The biscuit wasn’t really sure about the whole plastic egg thing initially, but eventually, he came around.

behold: the green egg.

So, hopefully you can see just how **busy** I’ve been. I’ll try to do better, dear readers.

For now, Mama Jones is peacing out.

*Is it appropriate to LOL in a blog? I vote yes.


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