Las Vegas Rock n Roll Half Marathon

j, n, and i, heading to the race!

Yesterday was the half marathon. I was über nervous for it all day long, and I actually thought to myself that the early hour of a normal race was preferable. Cause then, I’m still nervous, but it’s only a couple of hours and not all day long while you’re also trying to take care of a baby and a husband with the sniffles.

My friend J picked me up around 315, and we went to her friend N’s house because N’s husband was going to drop us off at the race. We were not prepared for the number of people down there. It was CRAZY. I have no idea how many corrals of people there were, but my friends and I were in number 23, and it took us forty minutes to get to the start line. My friend M was also down there, and I was certain she would never find us, and I was surprised to hear her call my name just before the first wave of racers.

heading to the corrals. don't you love our sweet headlamps?

I was really really glad she was there. We ran the whole race together. Neither of us used an iPod–we just talked and talked the whole time, and the miles just zipped by. Nothing really hurt, and I felt pretty good. I have to tell you guys: running on the strip at night with no cars and live music and a zillion other runners is really awesome. The lights are awesome, and it’s just a totally new way to see the strip. It was so. Much. Fun.

The weirdest thing about the race was even at the very end, we were still passing people. The crowd never thinned out at all, and there were always hundreds of people all around us.

I was pretty much golden the whole time. I wasn’t really tired, I wasn’t out of breath, my feet didn’t hurt. And then at mile ten, I felt this twinge of pain. That got worse as we picked up the pace. And at mile 12.5, my knee felt a rubber band pulled so tight it’s going to snap. I went off to the side and stretched my it band, and I ran my butt off to the finish line.

It was a really, really good run.

The end of it though? Was a nightmare. There were soooooo many people. And it was freezing. And there was nothing to carry your water and food in while trying to hold onto the foil thingie that was keeping me warm (cause it was freaking windy and freezing). M and I made for the indoors. Along with eighty bajillion other people. I wish I’d taken a picture. It was crazy, shoulder-to-shoulder mob scene.

We eventually spotted a fire exit that led to a parking lot, and we headed home where I took a bath and then crashed. What a great night.

me and m, eating our snacks and resting our legs.


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