Well on Sunday, I will run the las Vegas half marathon. I’ve been training now for about twelve weeks, and I’m ready, but for whatever reason, I still feel super nervous. I don’t know why. I mean, when I actually think about it, it’s really stupid to be nervous because honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? I walk?

Anyway, that’s what’s been on my mind all day. That, and whether I chose to start in the right corral or not and also how there will be so many freaking people running. The news said there were forty-something thousand people running. Holy shit. That’s a lot of runners. I actually don’t think I’ve ever run in a race this large.

I ran in a pretty large turkey trot once in Florida with my mom and sister. It was actually a little annoying because you could never really break away from the crowd and get in the zone. I doubt that will happen tomorrow though–at least after a few miles.

I went to the race expo today at lunch to pick up my packet. So glad I did. I got there about ten minutes after the doors opened, and it was already jammed. I can’t I imagine what it will be like tomorrow or even today after work. Also, just right this moment, I thought about how long the damn lines are going to be at the port-o-potties on Sunday night. I mean, those lines are long even at small races. Sigh. And I always have to freaking pee before I run. At least my girlfriend J I’m running with scored a pass to the VIP bathroom area where it’s heated, and there is heat and running water. So that’s nice.

I think it will be pretty fun though–running the Las Vegas Strip at night. The city’s closing down
Las Vegas Boulevard to traffic, and the half marathon runs from Mandalay Bay to downtown and back. Oh! And there was a headlamp in the swag bag. I’m totally wearing it!

**Also, I know this picture doesn’t have squat to do with running, but doesn’t C look cute bombing on his spoon?**


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