More happenings chez Jones

As I am still not really in a posting sort of mood, here are some more pictures of all the happenings.

oh hi! a rare occasion where mr. c isn't having a cow in his car seat.

I think I’ve mentioned how C can have epic meltdowns in his car seat? Well, apparently all he needs is a little photo sesh with his Auntie C.

I feel very lucky that thus far C hasn’t ever had a meltdown in a restaurant. Though this time was the first that I wasn’t holding C on my lap during the meal. He actually didn’t mind being in the seat by himself, and I found that if I feed C while we’re waiting for our food, he’s usually pretty content to hang out during the rest of the meal as long as I’ve got lots toys to entertain him with. (Although I will say the stupid high chair–it was not safe. I found a little travel high chair thing on etsy that I’m going to try. Will report back.) Anyway, he was really good until the end of the meal. So that was nice. Actually, he was a really good baby all day yesterday even though (as per usual) he didn’t sleep so well during the day.

mr. c and his grandpa j, post-lunch.

It’s been so nice having C’s grandparents here. He’s been home from day care (which was especially nice because after his recent flu shot, he was all sniffy and runny nose-y–although I’m not entirely sure that wasn’t related to his teething as his front top center teeth are coming in). It disrupted his routine a little bit, but as C doesn’t nap hardly at all at day care, I think it was actually for the better. Because today? He took two two-hour naps today, and I honestly cannot remember the last time he’s done that. Probably when he was a new newborn baby. It was kind of awesome, but I really didn’t even know what to do with all that spare time this afternoon.

s making faces at calico basin.

We went to Calico Basin yesterday. Every Saturday when I’m running, I run past this road that runs along the back side of Red Rock. I’ve always wanted to go down there, and yesterday we did. There was a little boardwalk with signs that asked you to please stay on the boardwalk to protect the meadow, and oddly, there were people in the middle staging professional photos. Which I thought was pretty rude. And actually wanted for the BLM rangers to come and give them tickets.

me and my babeh, taking a hike.

I love wearing C in his carrier. He is so happy. Even though he should have been super crabby without naps yesterday afternoon as long as he was being held in his carrier, he was just fine. That thing is amazing. I think I mentioned that we’re going to Paris for New Year’s Eve, and we’re not taking a stroller, just his carrier. Will let you know how it goes. More on our trip later.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Just hanging out watching movies tonight.


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