Well, that was annoying.

another old one. but my gosh, how cute? didn't have a chance for any photos last night as i had to run after work. new ones soon. promise.

C’s been a little under the weather the last few days. I’m not sure if it’s a reaction to his second flu shot (I know I always feel a little icky) or if it’s snot-nosedness from teething or if it’s the day care funk. In any event, he doesn’t have a fever, he’s just snotty and generally irritable. And woe to you if you try to put that aspirator of doom in his nose. Eff that shiz, he says, and he will physically attempt to remove your hand from his face, all the while screaming like a tyrant.

So I ordered this device called a nosefrieda on amazon that gets a lot of great reviews, and it should arrive today. I’m anxious to see if it will provide C some relief. Poor little guy. He is miserable when he’s on his back–I think he’s got some post-nasal drip going on. Will let you all know if this little thing works.

Anyhow, last night was horrible. No good, terrible, horrible, rotten. C just could not seem to get comfortable. And he was up a lot beginning at like 1. I’d forgotton how awful it is to be up so much in the middle of the night, and in the midst of it, all I could think was “what if our glorious days of sleeping 12 hours in a row are over?”. Ack. And of course, because he’s not feeling super great, I’m not going to let him cry. So, S and I were up. Every hour until about 530 when I finally said eff it and brought C to bed with us where he nursed and slept like a champ for an hour or so until the alarm went off.

And when he woke? All smiles. No residual crankiness (on his part anyway) from the disaster of a night before. Just grinning away. Loving life.

What a guy. One second you want to ring his neck, and the next? Well, you just wanna snoodle him and smooch him and love him all over.

I love being a mama.


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