Eleven Miles, Thanksgiving Preparations, and Lunch Out

So I didn't take a photo today. Sue me. Or, better yet, check out this picture of a smiling babeh and don't hold it against me. K thanks.

I mean, come on you guys. You know the title of this blog post totally knocked your socks off.

My life is so blissfully simple these days–I run, I take care of my baby, I spend time with my husband, and I work. And that’s pretty much all I do (well, add drinking wine to that list, and *that’s* all I do). I really enjoy it.

This weekend, though, we were living large. On Saturday morning, I got up at the crack of dawn as I always do with C (babies have no respect at all for weekend sleeping in–bunch of jerks, I tell you). I went to my 8 am weight watchers meeting where I weighed in and was still down (yay!). Was told that in two weeks, I’ll become a lifetime member because I hit my goal weight and have maintained it (well, actually, I’m like three pounds lighter) for six weeks. And that’s awesome because (a) I’m happy with my weight (which, if you know me, is like really major); and (b) weight watchers is now FREE for the rest of my life provided I weigh in at least one per month and am no more than two pounds over my goal weight.

So, I went to my meeting, and then I met my training partners out at Red Rock for our eleven mile training run. It was really hard, and I honestly can’t imagine running two additional miles in two weeks. But that’s in two weeks. I am kind of hoping that the reason my runs out there have been so hard is because of the wind and the elevation. Hoping, hoping, hoping. That I’m properly trained for this run. I’ve sort of tweaked my training program to only run three days per week instead of the standard four days because I’m prone to injury and because who the hell has time to run four days per week and take care of an infant? Not me, that’s who. Anyway, so I finished. And that shit was hard.

That afternoon, S’s family and S and I went to Mon Ami Gabi on the strip for lunch, and it was nice. Although I have to say the thing I usually order? Was not so great. And it was uber crowded so we couldn’t sit on the patio–only in the garden room. It was *ok,* but I don’t think I’d ever eat there if I couldn’t sit outside again. The food’s just not all that impressive–apparently, all those other times I thought it was so amazing, it was the view of the tourists and Las Vegas Boulevard and the Bellagio fountains I really liked. C was so freaking good at lunch. I love that guy.

Today, I didn’t really do too much. Got up at the crack of dawn again and went to Starbucks and grocery shopping for Thanksgiving. I was really worried the grocery stores were going to be packed, but apparently one can avoid that problem if you hit the grocery store at 7 am on a Sunday. Incidentally, I have figured out the best shopping trick ever–wear C in the ergo carrier. He loves it. If I try to leave him in his car/torture seat, he has a fit the entire time. If you’re holding him? He’s totally fine. I don’t get it, but I’m glad I’ve at least figured it out.

Now we’re sitting here getting ready to watch a movie on Netflix. Which I actually hate btw. I mean the streaming–it’s the most random assortment of shitty movies you’ve ever seen. I so wish we’d kept the disc service, but S is pretty much the one who watches TV at our house, so I’ll let him pick. Incidentally, I sure as hell wish Amazon would start streaming their movies through the Wii. I call shenanigans that they don’t already.


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