ACK! And there’s not even a picture either!

Even National Blog Posting Month can’t keep me blogging on a daily basis! I am a lost cause! Abandon ship!

No, really, yesterday was just incredibly hectic. My in-laws arrived into Las Vegas, and so right after work, I came home visited with them for a moment. Then I had to take C to get his second flu shot (poor baby and also poor mama and poor grandmama cause we waited for nearly TWO HOURS in the doctor’s office–which is not a normal thing at this place, and so I will forgive them JUST THIS ONCE and never never come at 230 pm again).

After that, we came home, I put C to bed, and I had to go run five miles (I will be so happy when this 1/2 marathon is over–though lately there’s this fool idea rattling around in my head to just hurry up and run a full marathon cause I want to do it just once before I die, and I’m already halfway there, so why not just do it now and get it over with?). By the time I got home from my run and was showered and prepared C’s bottles and solids for today, it was 9 o’clock. And I was pooped. And I sat down, ate a bowl of wonton soup, and promptly forgot about my promise to blog everyday this month.

Temporary amnesia. I swear it. Won’t happen again. And I promise, there really is an interesting (well, I think so anyhow) post waiting in the wings. I just need to find the twenty-fifth hour in the day to write it. Maybe tomorrow’s my day.

Cause it’s not getting written tonight, that’s for sure. We’re taking S’s parents to a Brazilian steakhouse for dinner. If you’ve never been, omg, it is super yummy. I don’t think I’ll get the meat–only the salad bar (which is amazing in and of itself!). Last time, it was like a meat overload. Very tasty. But seriously? Once was enough. I’ll be feasting on risotto and gourmet raviolis and sushi and hopefully not gaining too much weight before Saturday’s weigh-in. Le sigh.

UPDATE: I just re-read this post, and holy crap, do I need to chill out. I feel like I’m going a million miles an hour!


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