Why do Sundays go so quickly?

oh, the indignity of having a crinkly, stuffed starfish balanced atop one's head.

Was just sitting here thinking about how it’s already 8 o’ clock on a Sunday night. When did that happen? How is it the weekend always seems to fly by in a blur, and the week just putters along?

We had an awesome day today though. Hung out with some friends and made swanky pizzas. We had three kinds of dough–regular, wheat and garlic/herb (love Trader Joe’s raw pizza dough. Yeah, I know I can make it, but for a dollar seventy, this is way easier). We topped one with pesto, mushroom, and basil; another with fancy pepproni and cheese; a third was a margharita pizza with garlic cloves, basil, and fresh mozzerella; and the last was topped with spicy chicken sausage and a blend of cheddar and mozzerella. Oh my heck, they were so freaking good. One of the things I am going to miss about running so much is having to go back to counting what I eat on Sundays. I’ve so been loving my no-calorie weekends.

So, now I’m sitting here wondering whether it makes me totally lame that I’m ready for bed, and it’s still ten to eight.



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