Running my ass off (hopefully)

Today I ran the longest I have in over a year. Like, almost two years. I ran ten miles, and while it kind of sucked during the run, I felt like I’d really accomplished something afterward. I mean, ten MILES. Have you ever paid attention to the odometer in your car while you drive ten miles? No? Well, trust me, it’s a long ass way. And this morning I did NOT want to go. Luckily, I run with two other girls who are also training for the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon on December 4. It’s their first half and my third, and even though I’ve done a couple of these runs, I always forget how far thirteen miles really feels. And for me? That’s long.

I’m certainly not the running type–by that I mean, I’m not really built like a runner. And also I’m not very fast, so please don’t even bother asking my time. But I really LOVE it. It’s pretty much the only time in my entire existance where my brain just shuts off. I don’t worry about anything. I just listen to the beat of my music in the ipod and go. And go. And go. I may not be fast, but I sure as hell can keep going. The best parts of running–besides the whole brain-shutting-off thing I just mentioned–is the awesome way sometimes during a long run, my body gets chills all over and feels super cold and I all of sudden feel amazing invigorated and also the way I feel right afterward–and that is tired, sore, and completely happy and proud of myself. Runner’s high is a real thing. And it’s completely legal.

So anyway- I’ve got two more long training runs before the 1/2. Eleven miles next week and then an easy seven the week before the half. We’ve been doing our long runs out at Red Rock on Saturdays at 830 in the morning, and I’m always amazed at the number of people out there running and biking. But I guess I understand: the view there? Is amazing. Nothing but mountains and foothills and desert as far as the eye can see. And the huge open sky that only happens out West. I definitely had a totally cheesy moment when I was running today where I was looking around at my surroundings, and I thought, I want to remember this feeling and this view forever. It was pretty cool. Clearly, this was fairly early on in the run because by the end, I was asking everything holy to just please hurry up and get back to the car because holy smokes do my knees hurt.

The other best part of running? Coupled with nursing, if you run twenty miles per week, you can more or less eat what you want. Well, certainly on the weekend anyway. I freaking love my no-calorie weekends.

Alright- well, it’s 649, and I’m beyond exhausted. Wonder if S would be annoyed if I went to sleep at seven? Sigh.


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