Aviation Nation!

This plane is six stories high and almost as long as a football field! Unreal!

Today we went to the airshow at Nellis Air Force Base, and it was awesome. I’d never actually been to an airshow before. The closest I’ve ever been was my friend Max’s roof in Cleveland, Ohio. He lived downtown in a converted warehouse, and there was a deck on the roof where you could look out at the lake where the planes would fly over before heading back to the Burke Airport. So, it turns out when you go to the actual airshow, the planes do really cool tricks like spin and fly upside down and narrowly avoid each other at high speeds. And the sound! Oh. mah. gosh. It is SO loud. We had little earmuffs for C, and he only noticed the planes a couple of times — they were F15s, S says — and I’m not kidding when I tell you as they flew by, you could feel the ground vibrating. Next time we go the airshow, *I’m* wearing earplugs. S says I’m a total baby, but honestly, my ears are still ringing a few hours later.

But it was really fun. Here are some photos of our adventures today.

some sort of bomber plane with ginormo jet engines. i bet this guy is so loud.

me, c, and the thunderbirds

These Thunderbird planes were amazing. The tricks were just incredible. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. And they were L-O-U-D!

bones liked this b2. apparently it's coated with some sort of anti-radar material.

There were military police with machine guns guarding this plane. S says it’s because the Air Force doesn’t want foreign spies taking pictures of its steath weaponry. That Bones makes me laugh.

more b2 action.

Incidentally, C is making this face is nearly all the pictures from today, and the only thing I can think is it must have been really weird for him to be unable to hear all day. He was actually a very good little guy about the earmuffs and pretty much everything else all day (he napped several times while we were walking around–another benefit of carrying your baby instead of leaving him in a stroller). Except for the one time I changed his diaper. He did that the world is going to end/why are you torturing me?/my mom is being awful to me sounding cry that I described the other day. (Wish I knew how to do those little hyperlinks to send you to that entry, but I’m not so savvy with the technology, but it was either yesterday or the day before if you wanna look). But besides his one little meltdown, he was quite the little gentleman all day. I am such a lucky mama.

totally pooped after walking with babeh all day.

When S was taking this picture, I was so tired. Then I remembered I’m supposed to run ten miles in the morning. My feet already hurt from today. I think I need to redeem one of my Groupons for a pedicure. Stat.


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