Because tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day, and I’m a federal employee, it’s a free day off! Woot, woot!

We’re taking Mr. C to the airshow at Nellis Airforce Base, and because S is so awesome, we are taking him on dress rehearsal day so there won’t be eighty kabillion people there.

I was really worried about the loud noise from the planes, and so I got C baby noise mufflers. Oddly, they are the same brand S uses when he has to qualify with his firearm. In short: my baby? He’s a bad ass.

I really wish I’d taken a photo of him with them on cause it’s dang hysterical. I was LOL-ing all over the place. S? Was not amused and said C looked like a dork.

Oh well, better to look like a dork than be deaf and look like a dork later in life (cause I mean, with parents like S and me, the kid’s bound to at least have a dorky streak). Just sayin’.

Pictures and report to come in the manana. I know you can hardly contain your excitement.


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