Freaking Out

why are you so mean, mama?

Isn’t this the saddest face you’ve ever seen?

C has taken to screaming like it’s the end of the world/someone is torturing him whenever we drive to day care in the morning. I don’t know what gives. There are only a couple of things that calm him down:

(a) a rousing rendition of the itsy bitsy spider sung by yours truly over and over (and woe to me if I stop); and

(b) reaching back with my right hand and messing with his hanging monkey on his car seat (oh so safe while I’m trying to drive with my left hand, I know).

The other time C has a major meltdown is during diaper changes. This is a recent (annoying) development. If you even think of laying him down on his back in the diaper changing area, it’s like def con 5 style freaking out. I mean, it sounds like he’s being wounded. He doesn’t have diaper rash or any other physical reason for screaming. I just don’t know what to do.

Anyone have any experience with this? Any pearls of wisdom to impart upon me? Please?


One thought on “Freaking Out

  1. Oh your poor baby! And poor mama. Maybe there’s a physical relationship between these two items, such as he’s slightly prone, or completely laying down, and that hurts his abdomen or he has gas or the like? Has anything changed with his food? Is he gassier than usual? Does he strain for poops? J is still going through an “i hate you don’t diaper me” phase, but that didn’t start until about 14 months. He’s 16 months now. C is 8, 9 months?

    It is unlikely that there’s any negative association with the car seat and being separated from you in the am. But have you tried having S drop him at daycare and see if there’s a different reaction? Blood curdling screams are so hard to hear!!! My heart is with you, mamasita.

    One thing to try with the diaper change (are they having the same problem at daycare or is this an “i’m tired and it’s the evening fit”?): have a special toy for diaper changes. Something he can chew, mangle, pick at, demolish, whatever. Then diaper changes might be associated with a “happy” event.

    Hang in there. Mothering is the hardest job on the planet!!

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