Oh hello, day two of national blog posting month.

look at me, sitting up like the big boys do!

Ok, Ok, I know it’s actually November 8, but it’s day two for me as I only found out about this everyday in November blog posting thingamabob.

I am loving loving loving being back on standard time (hat tip, hermana for explaining to me that we’re not on daylight savings time come fall. Who knew? Well, I guess she did, but whatever, she’s a science teacher). It’s so great waking up at 6 and not being so exhausted–you know, because my body thinks it’s 7 and all. C is also awake at that time because his little body also thinks it’s 7. It’s just really nice to ease into my day with a cup of coffee and some quality time with my favorite little biscuit.

We wake up, and C likes to sit in front of his new keyboard (thanks, Mark and Jen Woolf!) and play his daddy and I a little ditty. Well, it’s not so much of a song as it is banging on one note for an extended period, but it’s still so cute (though I’m sure most people would find it less endearing and more annoying).

C’s other favorite morning activity is playing in his exersaucer. He loves that thing. There’s a little keyboard on that as well that plays different songs, and when he pushes the button, he dances and dances and dances. It is so stinking cute.

It’s just so nice to have extra time in the morning to spend with the little bug. Especially because the time change also means that he is TIRED when he gets home. Poor guy’s never been up past 6 a day in his life, and now, mama doesn’t even pick him up until what is actually 5:30, but to him feels like 6:30. Poor man. I’m hoping that his body will adjust over the next few weeks. Cause a tired baby? Is a sad, sad thing.

Alright, duty calls. Have a happy Tuesday everyone!


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