National Blog Posting Month?

C is clearly more dedicated to his musical endeavors than I am to blogging.

Well, well, well. Apparently, November is National Blog Posting Month. And we’re supposed to write a blog entry per day. Which is kind of hysterical given my latest slacking-on-the-blog-because-I’d-rather-sit-on-my-ass-and-drink-wine-and-read-a-book-in-the-evening activities over the last couple of months.

No really, I’m going to try. Try to squeeze it in between getting ready for work, getting C ready for day care, working, training for a half marathon, getting C ready for bed, and then, of course, the above mentioned wine-drinking and book-reading extravaganza.

Please note I’m not promising quality blog posts. Just blog posts. Consider this Exhibit A.


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