A little bit of this and that chez Jones

ohmigosh. i heart sleeping babehs.

There’s a lot that’s been going on avec les Joneses. I know you’re probably not surprised seeing as how I haven’t written a blog entry in at least a month, and I haven’t done a proper one in even longer than that. So, here goes.

C is growing by leaps and bounds–physically and mentally. The other morning, S and I were laying in bed before starting our Saturday morning, and C was laying in between us. Out of nowhere, C says “da-da” clear as a bell. The look on S’s face: priceless. He looked so pleased and proud. Unfortunately (and I didn’t mention it to him at the time), I don’t actually think C knows who da-da is because when he was in his little exersaucer thingie, he was da-da-da-da-ing all the little animal toys.

He also has his first tooth! Apparently, you’re supposed to brush their teeth with water (with a finger toothbrush or a baby toothbrush) as soon as they have them, which I guess makes sense, but I’d never even thought of it. She also says to take him to the dentist before his first birthday. Poor kid. I’m thirty, and I sort of think the dentist is scary. I was doing a little research, and they (you know- the infamous “they” aka I can’t remember where I read it) say it’s easier for babeh if you take him to a pediatric dentist. They have chairs and stuff that are child-sized and not-so-scary as the adult dentist. So, I’ll try to find something like that here.

C has also recently started solid foods. He’s a pretty enthusiastic eater (hmm, wonder where he got that). He really loves fruit of all varietals, of course, but he’ll eat most anything. He’s particularly fond of avocado. I don’t know if I’ve blogged about it before, but we got a Beaba as a gift at my baby shower (thanks, Mel!), and it’s great. It’s a French-made product, and they sell them at Williams & Sonoma. It’s a little pricey ($150), and yes, you can do the same thing with a pot, water, and a food processor/blender, but the convenience of this thing makes it worth the price imho. It’s super easy to clean, it’s compact, there aren’t a million different pieces, and it’s very very simple to use. But it’s great to make his food- I just freeze it in an ice cube tray (S got some that make perfect cubes), and leave them in the freezer where they’ll keep for up to three months, and it’s so easy. I make a batch or two on the weekend, and honestly, my freezer’s full of baby food. The best part is you can use organic food that’s prepared fresh, and you can mix & match the cubes to make interesting combinations. Carrots and apples? Oatmeal and banana? Check and check. And you can season the food unlike jarred baby food. C loves loves loves cinnamon. That’s the only spice I’ve tried so far, but I’m anxious to continue experimenting with C’s meals. It’s really fun to get him hooked on good-for-him food and promote a lifetime of healthy eating. I could go on and on.

What else? What else? We’re taking C on his first hike this weekend. It’s finally fall in Las Vegas (read: you can be outside in the middle of the day without fear of catching fire/melting/having heat stroke), and the weather’s really wonderful. I’m looking forward to trying out the hiking pack we got. Hopefully C likes it. We’re thinking of a camping trip with some friends, but I’m a little nervous about that yet (what if something happens, and we’re out in the middle of nowhere?), so I think if we do, we’ll stick close to home–maybe Mt. Charleston or something.

We desperately need to babyproof the house. C’s not exactly mobile, but he does this little thing where he sort of lifts himself up on his elbows and toes and scootches around, so I know it won’t be long before he’s toddling here, there, and everywhere. Sigh. We need a new coffee table. Ours is glass and has the iron curly-cue bottom, and when I look at it now, all I see are corners where little heads can hit and the the curly-cue thingies look like impailing devices. So, yeah, we’re going to have to do something about that for sure. Any suggestions/things I can’t live without/things I shouldn’t bother with would be wonderful.

I think this may have been my most random blog post to date. You can tell I have a million things on my mind, and it’s been far too long since I’ve written it down, so it comes out all cattywompus, if you know what I mean. I’ll try for a more cohesive, less rambly post next time. And I won’t wait a month to write it. Til then, be good.


2 thoughts on “A little bit of this and that chez Jones

  1. I think I am going to invest in the Beaba. You’re the third person I have heard rave about it. I made most of Katie’s baby food the old fashioned way, but I was also a SAHM at the time. With E, I still want to make homemade food but the Beaba seems much more working mom friendly. As for the dentist, I didn’t take Katie until she was three (which is what our pediatrician recommended; the dentist was horrified we had waited so long). We go to a pediatric dentist and she LOVES it.

  2. I love the updates! J has like 8 teeth (molars too) but our family practice doc also suggested waiting to see the dentist. We brush his teeth with a little Tom’s of Maine baby toothpaste and a cute little brush. He loves brushing his teeth. And baby-proofing is so tough! Everything is a hazard. J also said da-da around 7 months (similarly, no clue as to the association 🙂 and I LOVE that C is so precious in every way. Love the blog!

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