Worth Every Pound: Weight-loss After Babeh

Let me first start by saying, I wrote this post yesterday, and then my flocking computer deleted it. *(@&#*( I was not thrilled, and I only hope this re-created post lives up to the wittiness and general awesomeness of my first post (ha!).

So, I have a confession: I gained a lot of weight while I was pregnant. Like more than the recommended 25-35. Like almost double. Forty-eight pounds. My doctor was not one of those jerky people who commented on it all the time because, in his words, “there’s no easier way to make a pregnant woman cry.” (He’s right). However, toward the end of my pregnancy he did say that maybe I should watch my starch intake. It was hard not to laugh aloud when he said this as I thought about all the yummy things I had been eating. For a woman who’d been on a diet the last thirty years, pregnancy was an amazing excuse to finally (finally!) not be such a freak about every morsel that passed my lips.

As a result, after C was born, I was waaaay heavy. In fact, I’d been so pumped up with fluid during labor and delivery, that I weighed the same when I went in the hospital as I did when I came out. My belly was a little smaller, though. I only looked about six months pregnant instead of nine. And the texture? Was this weird gelatinous feeling. Let me tell you: I looked hot. But for the first time in my life, I really didn’t care all that much, and for the first few weeks home, I spent my time doting on my new bundle of joy and resting whenI could.

About a month after being home, I was getting really (really, really) sick of wearing the same yoga pants all the freaking time, and I started to wonder how I could speed up this weight loss thing. I had only lost about 15 pounds at this point (which, if you think about it is pretty much just the baby and all the gunk that came along with him). For me, the weight was not falling off like I’d heard happened to some women. The main problem though? I didn’t want to lose too fast and hurt my milk supply. Breastfeeding was already a tough thing for me, and I didn’t want to monkey up the works.

So I did some research and learned that weight watchers has a nursing mom program. And it takes into account whether you exclusively breastfeed, supplement with formula, or whether your baby’s on solid foods yet. For me, this program has been AWESOME. I am never hungry during the day. Christopher is still 99% exclusively breastfed. You can eat all the fruit and veggies that you want (yep, even bananas). And, best of all: I HAVE LOST FORTY-ONE POUNDS.

YAY for prepregnancy weight!


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