I feel like most every post I do should contain this warning, but oh well, you’ve been advised.

Sooo . . . file this under things that really, really freaking hurt:

When you’re five and a half-ish weeks into breastfeeding, your baby has a sucky latch (pun intended), and your nipples hurt so freaking bad, and then, you go to close up your nursing tank top (awesome invention, btw), and your hand slips, and the little plastic connecter piece whips back and slaps your (exceedingly sore and tender) nipple with what feels like freaking warp speed.

OMFG. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

I’ve said it before, God bless Lansinoh gel soothies and the sister-in-law who sent them to me. And 800 mg motrin. (Hat tip, Doctor Jones!)


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