cloth diaper review

Well, lots of you know that I am using cloth diapers with Christopher. We started with disposables though because (a) I couldn’t decide which cloth diapers to buy; (b) before you even enter parenthood, the diaper companies give you eleventy billion samples; and (c) several of my friends who have babies/children/progeny told me that cloth diapers don’t really fit newborns so well. Well, senor C spent the first two weeks of his life in seventh generation disposables, and his poor little rump was so red. We used the diaper rash cream, and still, red rumpus. I felt so bad for him – it could not have felt comfortable.

Fast forward to this week when I tried out the cloth diapers I got from They are pocket diapers like fuzzibuns, only less expensive and with cuter designs imho. They have this really soft interior that keeps C’s bum dry. C is super fussy when his diaper is wet (can’t really blame him), and last night he didn’t make a squwak about his discomfiture for the entirety of the newest Harry Potter dvd release (yeah, we’re dorks. so what?). And when I changed the diaper? Soiled, but C’s butt was dry as a bone and not at all red. Oh! And the other bonus is that they’re just as easy as disposables. They snap right on and off, and actually the cloth wipes are way better at cleaning than disposable wipes (which mostly just seem to spread poo around). Although they still look kinda big on him, C’s so cute that I don’t think anyone will judge him. šŸ™‚

So short story is these diapers are great, and I’m really not regretting my decision to cloth diaper at all. Thus far, C’s happy with his dry bum, and I’m happy with the no leaks and the easy changing aspect.


One thought on “cloth diaper review

  1. Hey! I am going to try to do cloth diapers too!!! I am so happy that someone that I know doesn’t think that it is crazy!

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