38 weeks, and the natives are getting restless

OK, maybe not so much the natives. But I sure am. I keep waking up feeling nauseated and crampy and thinking THIS IS IT, PEOPLE! And then I have some water and take a shower. And nothing. No cramps, no contractions, nary a twinge in the abdomen to speak of. Whomp, whomp. Pretty sure Sean’s actually not going to believe me when it’s actually the real thing cause I’ve thought THIS IS IT PEOPLE like eight thousand times already. And then it turns out I’m just gassy or something.

Even el doctor seems to think it’ll happen soon based on the symptoms I’m having – namely the nausea, the cramping, and the bloody show. For those of you who are unawares of this unpleasantness, picture this (or skip ahead to the next paragraph should you be weak of stomach): you have a really bad head cold and a nose bleed at the same time, and you give the ol’ schnoz a good blow. Yeah. That came out of me. I was truly repulsed. Anyway, that’s sposed to be a good indicator that labor’s going to start soon. But for me, it’s meant diddly. We’re going on 72 hours since that nonsense, and houston, we’ve got nothing.

I know I’m only 38 weeks though. And pregnancy is 40 weeks for a reason. And ol’ Swimmy’s brain is still baking away in there and developing (as are Swimmy’s lungs and really just all of him), and I’m really trying to be patient. I just got so excited that he might be arriving soon, and it’s hard not to be an **eensy** bit disappointed.

In other news, I had my 38 week appointment this week, and they checked mah fluid level (fine), gave baby a nonstress test (he passed), and checked my cervix (dilated to 3). Everything appears to be as it should be.

My goal for this week: enjoy the last few weeks of living life in the round and stop rushing everything so much.

Have a good weekend!


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