37 week checkup

from an email i sent to a friend because i’m too lazy to do anything more-

am measuring 39 weeks, and doc is getting worried about baby’s size. he scheduled an ultrasound in 2 weeks (umm cutting it close, huh, doc?) to see about baby’s weight. he said if it looks like baby’s gonna be bigger than 9 lbs (which he suspects), we will have to talk “options.” which i’m hoping will include early induction rather than a c-section. he just doesn’t think my body could handle delivering a 9 + pound babeh. he did tell me to “go easy on the starch” as it will keep babeh from growing so fast as he appears to be now. fat chance, bub. i have months of dieting ahead of me. i am living it up now!

[i wonder how much of this “knowing” babeh is big is just guesswork? i mean, don’t you think it’s entirely possible that he could be just a normal sized baby in there? how does the doctor know until babeh is actually born?]

also, i am not leaking fluid as i suspected yesterday. apparently, i am just one mucousy lady these days (sorry, tmi, i know), which senor doctor says is a good sign my cervix is ripening. they did a quick ultrasound just to check fluid, and he says it looks just ducky (my words, not his, obvi).

baby is engaged, i.e., super low, hence mah waddle to the loo every freaking twenty minutes. sigh. dilated to 1.5. woot woot. go cervix!

sooo we shall see what will be next wednesday at the 38 week appt.

yahoo! c’mon babeh jones. your mama wants to meet you!


2 thoughts on “37 week checkup

  1. Hi Liz! Don't worry about baby Jones…LGA or macrosomia diagnosis at 38 weeks is imprecise at best. Were you or your husband large babies? Anyone in your families? That could affect it. I hope you're able to rest a bit. The last few weeks are particularly grinding.

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