Week 35!

Well, had a checkup this morning with senor doctor, and baby’s still in there 🙂 His heartbeat sounded good, and he was moving and shaking (must like Kashi blueberry cereal). My blood pressure’s still quite normal, so no pre-eclampsia for me (thank goodness). Baby is still measuring a little large- almost two weeks bigger than normal- which I’m not sure means anything really. Doctor Jones seems to think so long as he is born after March 1, he will be just ducky. I doubt he’d come that early – my guess (read: wish) is for a St. Patty’s Day babeh. Luck o’ the Irish and all.

As for me, things are pretty much same old. More or less uncomfortable a lot of the time- especially at the end of the day- my feet and hands blow up like balloons, and I think I’m experiencing sciatica. Dang baby’s pressing on my sciatic nerve and causing lots of pain that radiates down my (usually left) leg. Fun! Other fun pregnancy side effects: moles. Not even kidding. The doctor says I can have them removed after I deliver, and they are benign. Just ugly (imho). Also, this week, I made a concerted effort not to be a total piglet, and it worked! Only gained 3/4 pound! Hallelujia!

OH! I almost forgot! I am 1 cm dilated! I know, I know, that’s nothing. But it is something to me. Baby’s not coming all too soon, I don’t think though, because he’s still sitting pretty high in my belleh. But still- progress is being made. I AM HAVING A BABY!

I owe a post, too, about the awesome shower that my friend Teri threw for me this weekend. I will do that soon-


UPDATE: Apologies to anyone who may have been offended by my discussion of moles. Sheesh.


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