T minus 44 days!

So this Saturday is my baby shower, and I am so excited. I have never had a shower before, and I’m really looking forward to it. I have always been one of those women who complains at having to go to them, and for that, I have to now grab my fork and knife and eat my words. Cause, like the truly deranged mothers-to-be and brides-to-be I’ve indulged in the past, I think this is going to be really fun!

The woman who’s throwing the shower for me is so sweet- I can’t imagine the time, money, and energy she’s put into this shindig. There’s going to be Nothing Bundt Cake- huzzah! Cake, cake, I love cake.

In other news, I had a doctor appointment this week, and doc informs me that should I go into labor after Saturday, he will not stop it. Holy shitballs. I’m also now going to the doctor once a week. I really am winding down my pregnancy. As much as I’m excited for it all to be over, I have a feeling I might miss my big ol’ belleh when it’s gone (not to mention little Swimmy’s kick, kick, kicking in there).

Oh, speaking of Swimmy, he’s head down and still measuring two weeks big. Go Swimmy! He’s also figured out how to hiccup- which is such a funny sensation. I can’t describe it really except that it feels like there’s someone hiccupping inside your tum. It’s cool. Except when it happens at two in the morning (which, thankfully, has only happened once so far). I don’t think Swimmy much cares for the hiccups though. Everytime he gets them, he seems to get agitated cause he starts kicking. Hiccup, hiccup, kick, kick, kick. Poor Swimmy. And, mean mom that I am, I keep trying to figure out the exact right combination of food that gives him the hiccups. Mostly cause feeling him move is the most reassuring thing in the world.


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