Large honeydew?

OK- so at the end of this 33rd week, mah babeh will be 19 inches long and will weigh about 4.5 pounds. And apparently, this is the size of a large honeydew. WTF? Has anyone ever seen a mutant honeydew that was nearly 2 feet long? I haven’t. I may just stop paying attention to these produce references.

Swimmy is really developing now! He keeps his eyes open while he’s awake now. And because the uterine walls are becoming more and more thin these days, light is allowed in which helps him develop his circadian rhythm. His little immune system is also making moves and developing antibodies for when he makes his big debut in seven (eee!) or less weeks. Of couse, this mama plans on breastfeeding so I can help to supplement those antibodies.

As for me, I have reached the uncomforatble stage. I am constantly heading to the loo, and a restful night’s sleep? Yeah, I can’t remember the last time that happened. I wake up either worrying, having to tinkle, or because my big butt needs to roll over to save my poor side from certain crushing death under my weight. I long for the days when I can sleep on my tum again. Even if, because of Swimmy, that sleep comes in 2 hour increments.

For the most part, though, I am fine. Nothing new under the sun really. Next weekend’s my shower, and I am very excited for that.

Oh, and at my last prenatal check-up, Swimmy was doing just fine. Heart rate in the 140s.

Boring post, I know. I’ll try to liven it up next time.


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