Good gravy- that’s some belleh.

OK. As promised, here are some belly pictures I’ve taken throughout the pregnancy. I was much more diligent at the beginning of the pregnancy. And, as you’ll see, a lot braver about bearing my nekkid belleh. These days, not so much. The only person who sees my stomach is Sean, and only if he sneaks in on me unawares. Ha.

And, heeeeeeeeeere we go- this is me pre-pregnancy. I wasn’t in tip top physical condition when I got pregnant- in fact, I was the heaviest I’ve ever been (which is nothing compared to where I’m at now), but looking back, I’d give my left arm to look like this again.

Here’s a nice one of Sean and I right after we found out I was pregnant. We hadn’t even been to the doctor yet, but I’d had two big fat positives on the pregnancy tests. We celebrated at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in the Paris Casino. It was one of those meals you don’t forget–not so much because of the food (although it was tasty), but the view of the Bellagio fountains was amazing. You can’t see my stomach in the picture, but trust me, if this dress still fit, then I didn’t look pregnant at all.

This is me at about six weeks pregnant. (Fairly) flat-ish stomach. And I evidently need to clean my bathroom mirror more often.

Next up, seven weeks. I swear, I look thinner in this picture, but you can see the beginning of pregnancy lower belly bloat starting. I would like to kick my own butt, by the way, for thinking I was fat before. Sheesh.

I think this next one’s ten or so weeks. I swear, sometimes I do clean my bathroom.

Next up is fifteen and sixteen weeks. Sean and I took a baby moon to Hawaii. I remember thinking I was huge there, but to look at these pictures, you can’t even tell I was prego.

Here’s eighteen or nineteen weeks or so. Was mid-pregnancy and finally starting to look pregnant. Please ignore the goofy face I’m making. Evidently it took great concentration to get this photo.

This next one’s about 22 or 23 weeks. It was taken right near Thanksgiving. Let me just say- maternity pants are the way to go on turkey day.

And this is around 25 weeks. There is no doubt at this point I’m knocked up.

You guys have seen before, but I’m posting it again. It’s 27 weeks. Excuse the laundry that needs to be put away on the bed behind me.

And, finally, this last one is 31 weeks. Or, last week to the rest of the world.

I’ll finish posting as the weeks tick by and my stomach starts really taking over. It’s kind of hard to believe I’ll get any bigger, but I know I will because Swimmy’s still going to gain between 2 and 5 pounds (hopefully no more- a ten pound baby seems a little scary to me, delivery-wise).

That’s all for now- more on baby’s development later this week after Wednesday’s doctor appointment.


2 thoughts on “Good gravy- that’s some belleh.

  1. Yay finally preggo pictures! Isn't it crazy to look back on the months and see all the changes? You look great by the way. You will be in tip top shape again in no time so don't sweat it. Hang in there and I wish you lots of comfortableness and rest these next few weeks!

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