Holiday greetings from me and my cucumber baby!

Hello friends of the internets,

This week, the 27th week of my knockedup-edness, baby is the length of a cucumber (which, quite honestly, seems smaller to me than the previous weeks’ eggplant status, but who am I to question these things?). He will also weigh in at just above two pounds at the end of the week. Wow.

Things that are happening with lil’ swimmy this week: his hearing continues to develop. Even though the sounds he hears are muffled (duh), he may be able to recognize Sean and my voices (which is why I am always coaxing Sean to talk to my belleh). His taste buds are forming, too. In fact, he has more taste buds now than he will have at birth, and he can actually taste differences in the amniotic fluid based upon what I eat (which lately, appears to be most everything).

Speaking of eating, I am a HUNGRY lady. Like really hungry all the time. Lately, I’ve been craving all manner of citrus fruit. Oranges, and clementines, and tangerines- oh my! Really trying to be conscious of my food choices as my weight gain tends toward the heavier side of the recommended amount, but seriously, it’s hard what with all the holiday yummies all around. Although I make a concerted effort to not eat like a total hoss, I do enjoy a tasty morsel now and then (read: every day).

I am looking forward to this pregnancy being over and getting my more active lifestyle back. I miss running. A lot. Lately, even extensive walking makes me winded. Probably cause my uterus has expanded to the size of a basketball (and that’s what it looks like I’m hiding under my shirt), and it’s crushing my lungs. Seriously, it’s hard to breath. Anyway, enough whining.

So that’s my story gfor this week. OH! I almost forgot. We’re in double digit mode until we meet Mr. Swimmy McSwimster. 94 DAYS! Woot!


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