T minus one month til the last trimester

Folks, we are seriously in the business of being pregnant. Baby is now officially 22 weeks and 2 days old. I’m in my 23rd week of pregnancy, and there are only 17 weeks to go. Time is a funny thing. It seems to go so slowly most times, and then, when you take a moment to consider it, poof! Nearly six months have gone by.

I am getting quite round these days. I think Sean is definitely still adjusting to seeing me look like this, and I’m not quite sure whether he’s amused, perplexed, or what. I myself am ready to be done with all this roundness and have my normal shape back. You know, I was just telling a girlfriend today that I have never thought of myself as particularly trim, but I was looking through baby bump pictures from early in my pregnancy, and boy, I tell you what: I would give my right arm to have that body again now. Just goes to show what a little perspective will do for you.

However, I am mindful that as my body grows, so does little Swimmy. So I’m willing to sacrifice vanity in the name of a healthy baby for at least a few more months. In the meantime, I will do a belly picture post soon so ya’ll can check out my round-osity for yourselves.

Speaking of baby, this week, depending on which website you go by, baby is either the size of a papaya (feel like we already had this one before), a large mango (know we had this one before), or a doll (weird). He’s a little over a pound, and he’s about 11 inches long. He will begin to grow exponentially this month. Within four weeks’ time, his weight will have doubled (let’s hope mine doesn’t follow suit). He’s actually big enough now to be able to hear his heartbeat with a stethascope. I actually bought an app for my iphone that works like a stethascope through the phone’s microphone and speaker system, and I’m pretty sure I heard baby thump, thump, thumping in there, but I can’t be sure cause Sean and Phin were wiggling all around. So it could have been dog/husband I was hearing. Will listen again and update you soon. I know you’re all practically holding your breath you’re so excited.

Guess that’s all for now. More when something exciting happens. Oh, next prenatal appointment is next Thursday.


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