The Twentieth Week (even if I am a teensy bit late)

Last week was a very exciting week for us. We had our second trimester anatomy scan, and we found out that our little alien is a baby boy alien. We’re thinking we’re going to name him Christopher Scott, and we’ll call him Scott. Or Christopher. But I think Scott. Sean keeps joking that I’m going to waffle back and forth until the child is actually born. He’s probably right. Either way, baby Jones will be named after my father, Scott, and Sean’s father, Christopher.

This week baby bones is the size of a small canteloupe–speaking of which, this is the last week baby Jones will be measured with his crown to rump length. Starting later this week, baby’s little legs will start stretching out, and he’ll be measured from head to feet.

Apparently our little guy is bigger than usually- well, longer than usual, I should say. This doesn’t really surprise me given Sean’s height and my family’s height. Lots of girls tell me I’m tall, but I’m actually the shrimpy of my family. My parents and sister (and my maternal grandparents) were all very tall. I am more like my paternal grandmother’s size, though I believe she was more petite than I. The ultrasound technician didn’t really seem too surprised by baby Jones’ size though–once she had a look at Sean, who is very tall indeed.

For me emotionally and physically, I feel great. My baby bump is starting to show, making me look far less chunky and far more pregnant, which I am loving. Emotionally, it’s exciting to be halfway done with my pregnancy. I am very much looking forward to meet little Mr. Jones (though please, no early appearances–I’d like to avoid any preterm labor).

That’s all for now. Oh, and as punishment for my dilatory blog postings, there will be another embarrassing story for you all to enjoy later this week. Sigh. Story of my life these days.


2 thoughts on “The Twentieth Week (even if I am a teensy bit late)

  1. The alien icon is interesting. I am stumped. Is it a reference to how you feel? How you think my handsome grandson looks? A tribute to your step-father? Or am I overthinking it?

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