Maybe the mango ate your baby?

Oh how I love a little Seinfeld. You guessed it: this week, Swimmy is the size of a mango. S/he is about six inches long and eight ounces or so in weight. Arms and legs are finally in proportion to the rest of Swimmy’s body, and a protective coating called vernix caseosa covers Swimmy’s skin. Most websites describe this coating as “cheese-like” which is more than a little gross. Evidently, this coating will keep Swimmy from getting all pruny whilst enjoying his/her nine month spa treatment in utero.

As for me, I continue to feel Swimmy’s movements (at least I think that’s what I’m feeling). A new added pleasure: leg cramps that wake me up from a dead sleep. It’s like when I used to wear too-high heels to work. Lately, I have fallen victim to the deadly loafer, and I stand a mere 5’8″. Sad, but true. I have zero motivation to wear heels.

Mostly things are progressing in a very same old, same old way. And I don’t mind at all.

But, I am most excited because on WEDNESDAY we find out whether our little Swimster is a boy or a girl. And I can. not. contain. my. excitement. More from me Wednesday night.

Mama Jones out.


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