Avocadoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Canteloupes, OH MY! My body is a regular farmer’s market.

Sorry blogosphere,

I have neglected you for nearly a week and a half. And I do sincerely regret it. But I was in Hawaii, basking in tropical sunshine. I didn’t want anything to do with typing or thinking or anything along those lines. Can you blame me? I mean, there were sea turtles to be snorkled with! And virgin mai tais to be drunk! And sand to burn my toes on! And lava flows to be viewed!

Weeks 16 and 17 were, therefore, quite wonderful weeks. The husband and I enjoyed a little babymoon on the Big Island and Maui. And it may have been the best vacation I’ve ever taken. Top three at a minimum.

Swimmy continued his/her growing and topped out at avocado size (which I may or may not have mentioned in my last post). S/he also is starting to build up fat stores on his/her body. In fact, fat will make up 2/3 of Swimmy’s body weight when s/he is born. Incroyable! Also, his/her hearing continues to develop (in fact, I read that babies who hear barking in utero will be able to sleep through barking later). Let’s hope that’s true. Miss Phineas loves to yap at passers-by while sitting guard on the arm chair. What a ferocious beast. Also, during these next few weeks, Swimmy’s fingerprints and toe prints are developing. S/he is becoming her very own little person. Much less alien, much more baby.

During week 17, s/he will top out at sweet potato size. My uterus appears to be strolling the produce section as well. By the end of this week, it’ll be the size of a canteloupe. Which is saying something given its original fist-sized origins.

The most remarkable change in me has been my appetite–which has become insatiable. Seriously, I am a one-woman eating machine. Always hungry. And I definitely think I can maybe feel Swimmy moving around in there. Which is truly one of the coolest feelings I’ve ever had.

Oh! And to make up for my dilatory blogging, I promise you a tale of intrigue, excitement, and pregnancy-induced psychosis for your reading pleasure tomorrow. I know you can all barely contain your excitement.

In the meantime, check out this article, which links to a study suggesting that light to moderate drinking may actually be ok during pregnancy. Fascinating.


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