Alien Baby

We had another prenatal appointment this morning. The husband and I are leaving for Hawaii (!!) on Wednesday at the crack o’ dawn, and the doctor wanted to see us before we left so he could check on everything and send me to the great tropical beyond with my chart. Just in case.

And, I’m happy to report, everything is just great. Swimmy’s heart was beating right around 155 bpm, and s/he was wiggling all over my stomach again. It was hard for the nurse to keep a handle on the heartbeat with the doppler.

Doc also checked my placenta (is it really the baby’s placenta?), and everything appears to be normal there too. Because he wanted to have a look at the placenta, we got an extra ultrasound (yay!), and I was really hoping we’d be able to tell whether it was a boy or girl. The doctor, though, isn’t nearly as good at the ultrasound machine as the technician is. So, we still got to see the little nugget. But no word yet whether said nugget is of the male or female varietal. Above is the alien picture (don’t know why the spine says alien to me, but it does), and here’s a side view of Little Swimmy. As an aside, the pictures are crummy cause they are pictures of pictures taken with my phone. It will have to do though as that is the extent of my technological savvy.

Also, for those of you keeping track via produce, this week Swimmy is the size of an avocado, which makes me want to make guacamole. Also this week, the bones in Swimmy’s ears are hardening, and s/he can hear when I speak. So cool. Also, even though his/her eyes are still fused shut, s/he can sense light, so if I were to shine a flashlight at my tum, Swimmy would move away.


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