Orange you glad I didn’t forget to post?

OK,OK. I know that this post is technically late given that Ol’ Swimmy and I are starting week 16 today (in other words, baby’s gestational age is now 15 weeks, 0 days today), but let’s just pretend it’s still last week, mmmkay? Don’t let the counting confuse you. It’s tricky. So for anyone who asks, I’m 15 weeks along, but I’m actually in my 16th week of pregnancy. Clear as mud? Well, here’s another thing: pregnancy lasts nine months, no? Well how come it’s forty weeks? My (fairly remedial) math tells me that forty divided by four is ten, not nine. Oh, confusing counting–there must be a simpler way. Though doctors kinda sorta have to count this way though because there’s really no telling when Little Swimmy was conceived exactly (sorry for the TMI, mom). So, that’s that.

More about last week. Swimmy was the size of a large navel orange, which is practically a billion times larger than s/he was at week 6 when s/he was just a tiny rice-sized blob of cells without even a placenta to call home. Not to mention tasty–the orange, not the baby. More on that in a minute. It’s astounding to me how fast babies develop. Last week Swimmy developed the ability to breath, suck, and swallow, and s/he’ll continue to practice those skills for his or her big debut in March. Also Swimmy’s getting quite adept at his/her water aerobics, flipping and turning, and swimming like nobody’s business in there. Lastly, Swimmy’s lookin’ more like a baby and less like an alien now. The ears are properly positioned on his or her little head, and s/he’s gonna look positively baby-like on the ultrasound on the 27th. It’s amazing how much I look forward to ultrasounds and a little glimpse inside my (rapidly-exapanding) uterus at our baby. It never fails to bring tears to this hormonal lady’s eyes.

As for me, last week, I felt good. Really good. Almost normal. My energy levels have soared in the last two weeks, and I don’t dread dragging myself to the gym for a little walk. In fact, last week, I was so motivated, I took two yoga classes, modifying them with all the requisite prenatal changes. It felt really good to stretch and move. Two days later, however, I was cursing that yoga teacher all over town because I. was. s-o-r-e! Ridiculous. Evidently some of those muscles hadn’t been dusted off in about two months. It wasn’t a bad sore; it actually felt really good. (So, please don’t worry anyone, I’m not overdoing it. In fact, my OB works out at my gym, so I’m sure he’d scold me if he saw me doing anything ridiculous). As an aside, it’s quite awkward to see your OBGYN at the gym. It’s like worlds colliding.

I don’t appear to be gaining too much weight. The goal now is one pound per week (or so), and I am enjoying every moment of eating. I try and eat healthy things–in fact, salads taste really good to me right now. And fruit. And pickles. Oh man, do I love pickles. The other day, I had Life cereal followed by pickles for breakfast. Sweet followed by salty. Breakfast o’ champions, no? I do allow myself to indulge a little bit too. My favorite not-so-healthy snacks these days: tootsie rolls, cow butts (those little bullseye looking things with caramel on the outside and cream in the middle), and mentos. Oh, what I would do for a strawberry mentos. Yes, I know candy’s not a food group, but a little won’t kill me. Or Little Swimmy. In fact, it’s kind of fun to eat sugar because I can feel Swimmy flutter around in there. The feeling is getting more pronounced, and I really can’t wait until it can be felt from the outside so the hubs can feel him or her squiggle around in there, too.

Well, speaking of hubs, I can hear him pulling in the driveway with my decaf pumpkin spice latte. (He is seriously the best husband in the world). So, it’s time to sign off and go enjoy a cup of fall goodness.


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