Second Trimester and other lemon-y goodness.

So this week, we had our 14-week visit with senor doctor, and the husband and I were quite excited about the possibility of maybe finding out Little Swimmy’s gender. So, I had a nice balanced breakfast of pizza lean pocket (don’t judge me) and a big ol’ glass of orange juice. A friend at work told me that a little O.J. goes a long way to making baby wiggle and (hopefully) spread his or her legs so we could tell what gender s/he is.

Unfortunately for us, there was no ultrasound. Baby is big enough to hear his or her heartbeat via doppler, and evidently it’s not good practice to ultrasound unnecessarily. Good medical advice, annoying for Mom and Dad (that’s us- still sounds so weird to say). The O.J. did the trick though because Little Swimmy was a-wriggling all over my tummy this morning. Felt a little bad for the woman cause she had to keep jostling the doppler to a fro to get a heartbeat.

Swimmy is growing at an amazing rate. S/he is now the size of a lemon! That’s a far cry from the grain of rice s/he was only 8 weeks ago. It’s seriously amazing to think about. Mom is growing too- still not really showing- mostly looking like I should lay off the donuts. I have gained 5 pounds since becoming pregnant. Sigh. Am now officially the heaviest I’ve ever been. Like, in my entire life. I have to keep reminding myself the reason why I’m gaining weight. I’m eating well, and not totally porking out, and the doctor says my weight gain is very normal. Now I just need to learn to quit beating myself up about it. Easier said than done, I assure you.

We will have our second trimester (!!) ultrasound on October 27, and at that time, they will check to make sure all Swimmy’s pieces parts are in order and functioning, and (hopefully) they will be able to tell what gender our little peanut is too.

Lastly, I think I might have felt Swimmy flutter yesterday. I can’t be 100% sure (given that I’ve nothing to compare the feeling to), but it wasn’t a hunger pang, and it wasn’t gas. It was this weird feeling like a fish was in my stomach, swimming up against my insides. Weird but amazing. I can’t wait til the husband can feel Swimmy moving from the outside.


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