Just peachy- week 13

I am woefully behind in the wide world of blogging. And dear reader(s), I apologize. (Are there more than one of you anyway? I’ve no idea, frankly. I could very well just be writing for myownself).

Well, in this week 13, I am starting to have a wee bit o’ baby bump. I will officially be done with my first trimester on Saturday, and I am quite thrilled! Less risk! More chances of meeting my little peanut! In other news, morning sickness appears to be well behind me, and (joy of joys) I am starting to feel less tired all the time. Huzzah to feeling like myself again! Woot!

In little swimmy’s life, things are a-changing like nobody’s business. Swimmy is starting to be able to make noise, and his or her reflexes are starting to work. Swimmy can open and close his or her little hands, and apparently, he or she will respond should I poke and prod my abdomen (don’t worry, I won’t). Swimmy’s about the size of a peach this week, which still seems really small, but he or she will begin growing by leaps and bounds during the second trimester.

As far as I go, there is definitely more of me to love at this point. My belly is starting to bulge out, and although I haven’t really gained too much weight, my clothes are getting exceptionally snug in the waist-al region. Like cutting off circulation to my brain wish I had a larger size sort of snug. Sigh. Yet, maternity clothes are just still too big for me. Methinks it’s time to invest in the belly band. It’s basically just the bottom of a camisole and you wear it over your button and zipper area of your pants so that you don’t have to button or zip your drawers to keep them up. So, yeah. Target, here I come.

In other news, we have our next prenatal visit next Wednesday, and I am so excited to see little Swimmy next week. How I love visiting with little Swimmy.


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