Ten Weeks!

Well, I am officially 1/4 of the way through this pregnancy! This week, baby is the size of a small plum (or a kumquat, depending on who you ask). I am starting to show a little bit. Not so that you’d notice unless I were in a bikini, and even then, it probably looks more like I need lay off the donuts than it does i’ve got a (cinnamon?) bun in the oven. Physically, the morning sickness is still there (joy!)- on the plus side, though, I read that women who experience morning sickness are less likely to miscarry. So I keep reminding myself that it’s really a good thing. I am also EXHAUSTED. Like, sleep for 9 hours and can’t pry my eyelids open in the morning exhausted. Today it was so bad, I actually had a nap at lunch. I feel better now- less tired, less pukey- so hopefully it will be a productive afternoon for me.

In honor of week ten, I have composed a top ten list of ways I am making this a healthy pregnancy:

1- Quit smoking, quit drinking. These are pretty much no brainers, but apparently, not all women feel this is truly necessary.

2- Take a prenatal vitamin every morning. I am also starting to take DHA as well to help little swimmy’s developing brain. You know, cause I can’t stand the smell of fish lately.

3- Eat boat loads of fruit. I can’t seem to stomach too many veggies (unless of course they are marinated in balsamic and grilled), but I can’t get enough fruit. I crave it! Especially white grapes. Oh lord, the things I’ll do for white grapes.

4- Milk. I’m not usually a milk drinker, but between the daily yogurt and sometimes bowl of cereal, this child will have strong bones, by golly.

5- Exercise. I have been trying to get at least 4 (usually 5 days) of exercise in a week. I usually do walking at an incline or the elliptical for 35-40 minutes and also some weights. Some women swear this helps during labor. I sure hope so. Next up: finding a prenatal yoga class.

6- Water. I am, as a general rule, a diet coke junkie. However, once I found out I was knocked up, I switched to water. Although it doesn’t really help with my frequent trips to the loo, I am surely well hydrated. It is also super yummy with lemon- which fingers crossed will help with the bloat. Yes, that’s still there.

7- Fiber. God bless fiber one cereal. I was so miserable and constipated (sorry, TMI, I know), and with my recent to aversion to all things vegetable (except for the daily glass of V8), there was no relief in sight. Until I discovered the joy of fiber one. I tend to munch on the cereal bars, as I’m usually rushing out the door in the am, but the cereal’s pretty yummy too.

8- Moisturize. I am purchasing some baby oil and cocoa butter this evening to moisturize my ever expanding chest and tummy in the hopes that I’ll keep the stretch marks at bay.

9- Less processed foods. I’ve been reading about how baby’s palate is formed during their time in the womb, and I’m trying to teach my little swimmy all the joys of naturally occurring foods. If only I could have my taste for veggies back, I’d be all set.

10- Sleep. Lots. And lots. In fact, I’m looking forward to not needing quite so much. I could use my get up and go.


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