Martini baby

This week is a very big week for little swimmy. Not only is he or she the size of a green olive (prompting the husband to immediately dub him or her “martini baby”), but also swimmy will go from being a reptilian-looking embryo to a more human-looking fetus. Go little swimmy!

As for me, I made my very first excursion into the maternity clothes section this weekend. Well, before that happened, I experienced what can only be classified as a Def-Con 5 Hormonal Meltdown, wherein I was screaming, crying, and flailing about for really no reason at all. Not really no reason. I only had one pair of shorts that fit my ever-expanding waistline. And for a woman with some body issues, this is not a good feeling.

Anyhow, the husband responded very kindly and suggested we go to the mall to find me some fat people (aka pregnant lady) clothes. WOW. Let me tell you- God bless the person who invented the elastic waistband. I have never been happier. AND, you get to buy clothes based upon your pre-pregnancy size! So while I am not exactly showing, I feel nothing but sweet, sweet relief in my giant pants. Also, the husband is thoroughly amused by the belly portion of the pants. Sheesh.


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