Week Six: Growing Pains

I have certainly felt the entire gamut of emotions this week: excited, happy, anxious, sad, and angry. The books are not kidding when they say your hormones are going bananas. They are. My skin looks like it did when I was about sixteen. And my stomach is huge. Not with baby. With bloat. And every once in a while, I feel a funny feeling in my stomach. I’m not talking nausea here, though I certainly feel that from time to time too. It’s not quite a cramp, just a small amount of discomfort. The books say what I’m feeling are growing pains in my uterus. Apparently, uteruses (uteri?) are, generally speaking, about the size of a fist. As I close out the sixth week of pregnancy, mine is now the size of grapefruit. And little swimmy inside (whose face is forming this week, along with loads of other things) is the size of a sweet pea. Say it with me now: awww. Also, little swimmy now has little flippers, which will eventually become his or her arms.

Despite all these negative physical symptoms of pregnancy, I am happy. And excited. On Friday, senor husband and I will visit the OB for our first prenatal visit. I wonder what will happen. Rumor has it, if the OB does a transvaginal ultrasound, we’ll be able to hear the heartbeat. Amazing.


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